Repurposing Thrift Shop Treasures

Right now we are in the process of remodeling our showroom. (YAY!)

Hence, I wanted to share this photo of an antique window we repurposed. This shabby chic window was an inexpensive thrift shop find. We added hooks onto the frame and hung it on the wall so that it can operate simultaneously as a storage space, display space, and decoration in our showroom. Voila!


Repurposing thrift shop treasures is a great way to create functional decorative pieces that can help you stay organized and add style to your home. Also, what better way to show off your personal flare than by using your creativity and cleverness to make something that’s totally unique?

We’d love to hear your ideas for repurposing vintage items!


Coordinating Mismatch Fabrics

mismatch fabric scraps
mismatch fabric scraps

Today we will be discussing the art of putting together mismatch fabrics.

We’ve learned that window treatments are often one of the last projects people do when decorating their homes.

That means the fabrics that people choose for their curtains have to work with everything else that’s already there!

Hence, we have become masters at coordinating different fabrics.


When bringing together “mismatch” fabrics the eye should be pleasantly surprised by the combination, not overwhelmed or confused. Our years of experience have helped us to come up with a few simple guidelines for arranging fabric combinations that are whimsical and sophisticated, as opposed to being patchy and haphazard.


As designers we know that some rules are meant to be broken, but for beginners there is a formula for this that nearly always seems to work:

1)Unite the color palette

2) Vary the patterns

3) Don’t try to incorporate too many fabrics. Stick with three to four patterns if possible.


Window Display Materials
Window Display Materials

Folded on the table are new curtains that Linda made for our showroom’s front window! Behind them is a pile of fabric scraps.

Today we are looking for fabric scraps to display in our window alongside the new curtains!

CURTAIN COLOR PALETTE: fern green, gold, paprika

FABRICS IN THE CURTAINS: a stripe and two solids

Coordinated Mismatch Fabrics
Coordinated Mismatch Fabrics



On the right here we’re looking at a beautiful example of coordinated “mismatch fabrics”.

1) The color palette remains consistent (fern, gold, and paprika)

2) We are featuring three different types of patterns (a paisley, a floral, and a stripe)

Other reasons these fabrics feel balanced together? First, the background color is different in each one. Second, they are not all equally busy patterns. The dark red paisley for instance is considerably busier than the soft green stripe. They work together in the composition instead of competing for your eye’s attention. The floral pattern with its neutral creme background, pulls all the other fabrics together by displaying roughly equal amounts of the green, gold and paprika that are found in the rest of the composition.

If you are new to the art of coordinating mismatch fabrics, we hope you found this post helpful. There are infinite ways to create lovely fabric pairings, and we hope you have fun putting our advice to the test!


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